Recognize the Scoliosis

Scoliosis or bent spine can occur from birth, adolescence, or adulthood. Scoliosis occurs at an early age due to congenital abnormalities, whereas in adolescence and thereafter due to various factors, such as genetics and abnormalities in muscle. However, more often idiopathic or unknown cause for sure.

If recognized early, scoliosis can be prevented from getting worse or getting bent. Thus, the handling is easier and cheaper.

The remark was made Director of Orthopaedic Hospital (RSO) Prof Dr Soeharso Surakarta, Respati S Dradjat, mid-July.

Scoliosis weight level, which reaches 40-50 degrees degrees bent over, causing the patient to experience a disruption in the respiratory, circulatory systems, mechanical spine, and experience more rapid aging process.

For detection of scoliosis, should be done 3-6 months of observation to determine if the bone is bent progressively (continued). Early recognition of scoliosis can be done by teachers and parents of the children concerned. As many as 80 percent of scoliosis cases occur in adolescents, ranging in age from 10-11 years.

The easiest way, children were asked to bend 90 degrees or as bowing in prayer movement. Previously, children were asked to use the clothes and not too thick or not wearing clothes. Analysts were right behind him.

Scoliosis will look like a bump (hump) on the upper and lower back, left or right. Other characteristics appear when the person is standing upright, the shoulders are not the same height, sloping hips, shoulders seemed tilted, and there is a bulge in the back. Bent on bone due to scoliosis can amount to one, two, or three arches. More accurate detection is done by scoliometer.

Doctor of physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist Prof Dr RSO Setianing Soeharso Retno said, he never held a counseling and screening to the students a junior high school (SMP) in Solo, Central Java, in 2010-2012. The result, 5 of the 720 students had scoliosis. One year and two years later made the same thing for the students of class I SMP. The result, of the 240 children found 3 children have scoliosis.

"Parents need to be knowledgeable about the characteristics of scoliosis. This is for children from the likelihood of detecting scoliosis, both infants and adolescents. Children who understand how detection can also help locate peers affected by scoliosis, "said Retno Setianing.


On scoliosis that arise in youth, namely in children under 10 years old, removed part of the bone defect, then the rate of patients treated to resist bending degrees.

For scoliosis that occurs in the elderly, ie above 10 years, in the form of gypsum therapy, bracing (frame backbone amplifier), traction (withdrawal), exercise, or surgery for a large degree of bending, above 40-50 degrees.

"Therapy or surgery aim to prevent bending the curve is not getting bigger," said Respati.

The lack of public knowledge resulted in many new cases of scoliosis is unknown when it is severe, the degree of bending is very large. Since 2008, Respati handle 200 cases of scoliosis. He found many extreme forms of scoliosis. Recent cases are handled, a small child has scoliosis since new brought to the hospital at the age of 13 years. As a result, the curve bent more than 50 degrees.