Exercise Reduce Menstrual Bleeding?

Lack of information about menstruation makes many myths attached to this woman's monthly cycle. One was about the exercise to reduce bleeding during menstruation.

Although no studies that prove these myths, but exercising when your period does affect the body's reaction to hormonal changes.

Combined with a healthy diet, exercise can increase the body's immune system, strengthen muscles, and reduce the risk of excessive bleeding during menstruation.

The medical term for heavy bleeding during menstruation is menorrhagia. Many women who feel they are experiencing bleeding quite a lot, when in fact it is not. Abnormal condition occurs when a woman has to change pads every hour or less.

Doctors use several terms to describe the excessive bleeding during menstruation. Means menorrhagia, bleeding a lot or more than 80 ml of blood for more than 7 days.

Metrorrhagia showed irregular bleeding with varying amounts, while menometrorrhagia refers to conditions of excess bleeding in the long term and happens occasionally.

Here are some conditions that cause heavy bleeding during menstruation, and whether regular exercise is able to cope

1. Polyps in the cervix

If the cause of the bleeding is polyps on the cervix, exercise will not reduce it. Polyps is an infection of the organ cavity shaped soft bumps. Cervical polyps in small, growth along the 'canal' cervix causing abnormal bleeding when menstruating.

It is unclear why these polyps can exist in a woman's body. Researchers speculate that women may have an infection or exposure to rising levels of estrogen. Congested blood vessels in the cervix can be other causes growth of polyps. Surgery is usually an option to remove polyps and reduce bleeding.

2. Benign tumors

Uterine fibroids are benign tumors that grow in the uterus. This disease occurs mostly in their 30s and 40s. Bleeding from the tumor will not be reduced due diligence exercise.

The tumor will continue to cause bleeding to do treatment. Besides surgery, the treatment can also be provided with a contraceptive pill to regulate estrogen levels. When entering a period of usually menopause tumor will shrink and disappear.

3. Excessive exercise

When regular exercise can help reduce the bleeding, it makes the sport too heavy menstrual periods and abnormal bleeding. This condition is caused by hormonal imbalances and weight loss.

Even so, exercise servings several times a week can reduce troubling symptoms before menstruation such as cramps or dizziness.