Can Red Rice Help You Lose Weight?

Some of you may think to replacing white rice with red rice to lose weight. Is it true?

The human body is constantly adjusting to changing circumstances. If at any time we are reducing the amount of red rice because they feel less tasteful, then after a while taking them, your body will begin to adapt. Even at a later stage, we will enjoy it. If you are able to enjoy this stage has been reached, then the amount we eat will rise again.

According to dr. Michael Triangto Sp.KO, Sports Medicine Specialist, with the consumption of red rice will not lose weight if consumed in large quantities.

"While replacing white rice with red rice, but consume it in large numbers then the effect will be the same," said Dr. Michael, as reported in the book Slim and Healthy.

The conclusion is to reduce the amount of food intake is less than the amount needed, then we would be able to lose weight. Instead, the food is basically incompatible with the passage of time and the taste will taste delicious too, as well as potentially increasing weight.