Vascular Screening is Important for Diabetics

Diabetes is a disease that can degrade the quality of life of sufferers, especially if you have injuries that require amputation. Amputation is often experienced by patients with diabetes due to non-healing wounds. In fact, the actual amputation can be prevented by early examination of blood vessel problems.

According to the Director of the Hospital Cardiovascular Harapan Kita (RSJPDHK) dr. Hananto Andriantoro, the root of the problem can not heal wounds in people with diabetes is a vascular problem.

"Unfortunately, the only treatment for a wound dressing or the wound is focused on his course," he said in a press conference 'Diseased Coronary Heart Perhaps So Diseased Blood Vessels Bank' in Jakarta, Thursday (6/13/2013) ago.

Implementation of wound dressings, added Hananto, among others, by giving antibiotics, anti-infective, and oxygenation. Nevertheless, wound dressings have not been able to heal the wounds caused by vascular problems.

"It should be the treatment of wounds is to open the blood vessels upstream from the wound. This will create pressure to increase blood flow to the wound improved," said Hananto.

Meanwhile, if the treatment is merely wound dressings, the wound will worsen and eventually require amputation. So Hananto confirmed, early detection of vascular problems can save patients from amputation.

Division chief of training and education RSJPDHK dr. Ismoyo Sunu said, given the importance of examination of the blood vessels in diabetic patients, the physicians concerned with diseases in the screening procedure also needs to embed a series of blood vessels in the inspection process.

In order to enhance the development of preventive measures severe vascular disease, diabetic patients Ismoyo disclose any need to do the screening, called the ankle brachial index. The screening for blood vessels around the foot vulnerable to damage in diabetics.

"The examination should begin from a doctor in internal medicine. Avoid new doctor comes to the blood vessels when the calf was blackened and injuries occur," said Ismoyo.