Recognize The Signs of Cancer in Children

Unlike cancers in adult that commonly occur due to unhealthy lifestyles, cancer in children is not known the exact cause. It makes childhood cancer can not be prevented.

Pediatrician Cancer Hospital oncology section Dharmais dr. Edi Setiawan Tehuteru said, although childhood cancer can not be prevented, be aware of the signs of cancer early can reduce the risk of cancer is found in an advanced stage.

"If you find any signs then immediately checked. If it was not cancer then we should be grateful, but when it was cancer we should be grateful because it was found early on so that the possibility of recovery is high," he said at the launch of Action 1000 and book "Beware and Recognize Early Cancer in Children "in Jakarta, Friday (14/06/2013).

1000 action was an act of donation to help children of cancer patients through anyo Indonesia Foundation (YAI). While the book "Beware and Recognize Early Cancer in Children" is a complement of childhood cancer education program conducted by YAI.

Cancer in children occur as much as two to three percent of the total cancer cases in Indonesia. Edi said that number does not include cases of unknown, so it is likely the numbers are still many more. It is estimated this year there are approximately 4100 new cases of childhood cancer.

Cases of childhood cancer is the most common blood cancer (leukemia), and eye cancer (retinoblastoma). There are also bone cancer, cancer of the lymph nodes, liver cancer, kidney, ovary, brain, and others.

Edi explained, an outline of childhood cancer is divided into two: liquid and solid. Liquid form in the human body is blood. So cancer in the group of blood cancers that is liquid. While the solid form, usually looks like a lump that can be found in all human organs such as the brain, eyes, liver, kidneys, and other organs.

Can not be detected early

The majority of adult cancers can be detected early with certain methods with a pretty good degree of accuracy. For example, cervical cancer or cervical Pap smear method, and the method of realizing breast cancer. However, cancer in children is still not able to be detected early.

Even if there is, only one type of cancer that can be detected early the eyeball cancer. Early detection of eye cancer called "See Red". The investigation can be carried out by health workers had been trained to use an instrument called an ophthalmoscope.

"While there has been no examination techniques for early detection of other types of cancer. However long undiscovered, parents do not just keep silent, remain alert to the symptoms of cancer in children," said Edi.

Blood cancer symptoms are generally pale, fever, and blood of hard freezes. While the symptoms of cancer are generally solid group there bump in parts of the growth of cancer.

As is known, if the cancer is found at an early stage, then it is likely to recover more than if the newly discovered at an advanced stage.