Pleasant Office Keep You Away From Diabetes

Have fun working environment can help you prevent type 2 diabetes mellitus, according to a recent study by experts from Tel Aviv University, Israel.

According to the study, workers who do not have friends and work environment conducive tend easily stressed, which in turn makes them more vulnerable to diabetes. This condition applies even stay the same for workers who seem healthy.

As reported by Science Daily website, the findings of the experts suggest that workers who have a good co-worker 22 percent lower risk of suffering from diabetes. The findings also revealed that workers who think that they are too much work or as little work had a 18 percent greater risk of suffering from diabetes.

Dr.. Sharon Toker, who led the research, involving 5,843 respondents who visited Tel Aviv Health Centre to carry out a routine check-up. On the first visit, all the respondents in a healthy condition. After observation for 41 months, 182 respondents with type 2 diabetes.

Toker then compare the results with the status of the work environment. As a result, workers who have a good friend a healthier workplace. Supportive work environment apparently a big impact for protection against type 2 diabetes.

Toke added, the results of this research show that workers are trying to increase their workload and always look forward to always get in the office, have an increased risk of diabetes. Nevertheless, says Toker, reducing the workload is not the solution to this problem because everyone should continue to feel challenged and happy in their work.

In view Toker, the owner of the company should seek to protect employees from the threat of diabetes. One way is to make sure that employees always feel fully supported and feel valued.