Love Your Nails

Who does not want to have a healthy and attractive nails? To get it, of course it takes good care.

A healthy nail will affect the general health of your body anyway. Infections of the nails resulting in decreased immunity so that you are more susceptible to disease. Infection can be caused by fungi or bacteria that enter from the wound or the area around the nail cuticle.

Then how to maintain good health of your nails? Clinical professor of dermatology at Oregon Health Science University dr. Phoebe Rich says, the nails need to be kept moist. Especially, when freshly cleaned of nail color.

"Be sure to give a moisturizing cream regularly," he said in a news release from the American Academy of Dermatology.

"Always protect your cuticle. Never cut or pull your cuticle by force, because it will lead to an infection. Cuticle eliminating If you must, do it gently after bathing. Currently, it is in a state of soft cuticle, making it easier revoked," said Rich .

Rich said, when going to the salon for nail care, always check the cleanliness. Because the salon is not clean it will be a source of spread of the disease. Make sure the place, the tools, and the people who serve in the salon clean. If necessary, Rich also suggested that you make sure the person handling in salon experience and certified.

Strong nails

In order to get strong nails, people often use gelatin to banisters. But according to Rich, it will actually make nails more rigid and more brittle. Then the best way to get strong nails is of intake that you consume. Foods that contain vitamin B, zinc, calcium, and silica good for nails.

Artificial nails can be a choice for those who distil healthy. Although not used continuously, as it will damage the nail. As well, Rich adds, those with nail infection should not use fake nails because it will worsen the infection.
Then, begin to love your body for the health of your nails.