Joining a Choir Can Relieve Stress

A recent study shows that joining a choir could fix a lot of things in your mind.

The findings, published in the journal Psychology of Music by researchers at Abant Izzet Baysal University, Turkey, has revealed that singing in a choir is associated with decreased levels of anxiety (anxiety disorder).

The study involved 35 people who were assigned to sing for an hour at a choir. Researchers analyzed the positive and negative impacts, as well as their level of anxiety and salivary amylase (an enzyme which is often used as a marker for inflammation).

The researchers found that participants who were assigned to sing it has a negative impact and a decrease in anxiety compared with people outside the choir singing.

Join in a choir can give benefits on mental health as well. Science Nordic report, Norwegian researchers previously reported that participation in the choir associated with health and work engagement better.

"Singing in addition to providing physical health, psychological well," said Graham Welch, chair of music education at the University of London. Physically beneficial because it can increase blood oxygen levels. While psychologically, because it can reduce stress and increase feelings of being better.