7 Things That Can Make You Fat

Having a slim body ideal is the hope of many people. But not everyone can easily get it. There are even little things that can make a person become fat.

Well, here are 7 things unexpected can make elastic body, as quoted from the Health India, Monday (05/20/2013):

1. Friends

Having a close friend may have health benefits. However, research also shows that being overweight can be 'contagious' among friends.

The results, published in the journal PLoS ONE suggest that a student is more likely to put on weight if they have friends who are fatter than them. While a study published in The New England Journal of Medicine found that obesity has a friend who can also increase your chances of obesity is also up to 50 percent.

But the good news, slim can also be 'contagious'. So if you've got a healthy lifestyle, try to spread it in your social group. In fact it helps you also invite your friends to do healthy activities together such as walking, cycling, or aerobics.

2. Diet Food

Maybe in the fridge and your pantry is clean from junk food. Instead, diet foods are now filling your larder. But you should be careful because Banyakan food by the manufacturer claimed as friendly foods for weight loss diet program but can actually save a lot of calories.

Even foods that claim healthy cereal bars can be high in fat, sugar and calories. Research by Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio also found that those who consumed diet drinks daily had a 70 percent increased waist circumference greater than those who do not drink.

3. After-hours activities

Time to sleep that night, but in fact there are some people who do a variety of activities at night so sleep time of less than seven hours. Studies conducted at University of Washington found that sleeping less than seven hours associated with weight gain.

They also found that people who sleep longer, then the obesity gene to be less impact on weight gain. Well, a quick and easy way to maintain weight loss, among others with miss your favorite TV shows in the evenings.

4. Many Activities To Do

Just look at your activity list. If every day there are plenty of activities to do list usually cause feelings of anxiety and stress, thereby reducing time to sleep. Well, it could also be unexpected things that make your weight increase.

Cortisol or stress hormones, not only increase appetite, but studies show that it can also affect fat distribution. Fat is stored in the stomach so that the shape of the body leads to a form of 'apple' unhealthy.

In addition, a hectic lifestyle can also cause erratic eating patterns and dependence on fast food. To fix this, try to choose healthy snacks. Also make sure you have time to rest and relax every day.

5. Against Food Sensitivity

Some people have intolerance and sensitivities to certain foods that can cause abdominal pain, bloating and skin problems. Not only that, food sensitivities can also be the cause of weight gain. Why is this so?

When someone is sensitive to food, it triggers a reaction in the body which increase insulin and cortisol levels. Two of these hormones can increase fat storage, especially around the abdomen. It can also make a person addicted to food.

6. Job

Sometimes the work of a contributor to the increase in pounds of your weight. When there is a meeting, a colleague holding a party, and had lunch with a client there are lots of food presented in front of you. Your stomach also spoiled a variety of delicious foods, which unfortunately resulted in increased body weight.

Not only that, there is also a tendency to indulge someone. So when you're facing a lot of work and stress, diet rules to maintain ideal body weight were violated. According to the researchers, 62 percent of people breaking their diet in the afternoon at around 15:23. Because generally at this time, one feels the most stressed or bored with his job.

7. Sport

Exercise can make the body become more obese? It seems impossible, but it's real happens if you just rely on exercise to get the ideal body weight without dietary changes.

Experts believe the benefits of exercise will not be perceived as a person increases their caloric intake as a fuel or as a 'gift' of sport that has been done. Compensation is not balanced that makes stretchy body despite exercising.