In Order for Optimal Child Height

Every parent would want their children to grow and develop optimally, including the matter of height. Moreover, the height is an indicator of good nutrition of children.

Obtain optimal height can actually be done in two main ways to meet the balanced nutritional intake and physical activity are sufficient. This was conveyed by a pediatrician from University of Indonesia Faculty of Medicine Hospital dr. Cipto Mangunkusumo (Faculty of medicine / RSCM) dr. Rini Sekartini.

Rini said, if the two had met with a good way, then most likely the child will have the optimal height. But growth in children is quite complex because it is influenced by many factors.

"The most basic height is influenced by heredity," said Rini in Growth Seminar titled 'Mom, How's Your Family?' Clinical Laboratory Prodia held in Jakarta, Saturday (06/08/2013) ago.

Because influenced by heredity, true child's height can be predicted by using the size of the father or mother's height. Rini explained the formula to predict a child's height is the formula is quite simple.

For girls, the prediction formula is reduced dad height of 13 cm and height plus the mother. The amount is then divided by the number 2. The division was then reduced or increased 8.5 cm to get the measure of the lower limit and upper limit.

As for the boys, the formula is the mother of height plus 13 cm tall and plus father. The result is then divided by two. Value is then added or subtract 8.5 cm to obtain an upper limit and lower limit.

However, further Rini, it does not mean if the father or mother was short, then surely her short. "Heredity is only one factor, there are other factors that can affect the child's height," said Rini.

In addition to hereditary factors, he said, factors that also play a role is the lack of growth hormone. Lack of growth hormone can cause the child to grow tall with optimal.

Patients usually have normal birth weight and length, and growth disorders can begin to look after the age of 6 months. Growth disorders often parents only realized after the age of 3 years, because of the height difference is quite striking dengen age peers due to a decreased rate of growth.

"If growth hormone deficiency, it would require an injection of growth hormone enhancer. Sooner given, the more likely he or she can achieve the optimal height," said Rini.

Reported by the Indonesian Pediatric Association (IDAI), the cause of short stature children in addition to hereditary factors and growth hormone deficiency, such as stunted fetal growth, delayed puberty, chronic disease, and other unknown causes (idiopathic).