Genes Defects and Environment Triggers Childhood Cancer

Causes of cancer in children is unknown. However, allegedly due to irregularities cell growth because there are gene defects. In addition, there are also environmental influences.

In layman's seminar on Childhood Cancer and Cervical Cancer in RSIA Evasari, Saturday (22/6), in Jakarta, Professor of the Division of Hematology-Oncology Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia Djajadiman Gatot said, in infants and young children symptoms of cancer is difficult to know because they can not tells his complaint.

Cancer that is often found in children is cancer of the blood (leukemia), brain tumors, eye cancer (retinoblastoma), lymph node cancer (lymphoma), neural cancer (neuroblastoma), kidney cancer, cancer of muscle tissue (rhabdomyosarcoma), and bone cancer.

Childhood cancers can be treated and potentially cured, especially when recognized early stages of treatment and followed to its conclusion. However, most patients come to doctors after cancer has spread widely and stages of treatment is not undertaken until completion.

There are several ways to treat cancer, by surgery, chemotherapy, radiology, and bone marrow transplantation. Chemotherapy is a single treatment for leukemia and lymphoma. Chemotherapy is also done to shrink tumors before surgery and after surgery to eradicate tumor cells.

"There are many parents who objected to their patients undergoing chemotherapy since got the wrong information regarding side effects. In fact, the doctor as much as possible to minimize side effects. Chemotherapy is a cancer treatment foothold in the international community, "said Djajadiman.

Djajadiman explained, if the child shows symptoms of pale, listless, and weak, unexplained fevers, bone pain, swollen lymph nodes, and abdominal swelling should be wary of suffering from leukemia.

If symptoms of headache accompanied by nausea to vomiting spraying, loss of consciousness, impaired speech, or balance, paralysis, or seizures should be wary of children suffering from brain tumors.

Evasari RSIA Director, Early Handy, say, cancer is the most common pediatric patients in its place is leukemia. Is hospital care for patients build a low immunity. The room and the intensive care of newborns become the mainstay of the hospital services. (ADH)