Artificial Pancreas Give Hope For Diabetes Patients

High blood sugar levels are characteristic of diabetes. The condition occurs because the pancreas, a small organ located behind the stomach, not enough or no insulin, a hormone necessary for blood sugar can be converted into energy.

That's why diabetics require insulin from the outside so that blood sugar levels do not continue higher. Another way that can be done is to transplant the pancreas, although this action is very rarely done.

The scientists in the last few years trying to develop "artificial pancreas". This tool is designed to continuously monitor blood sugar levels in diabetics and insulin supply automatically when needed.

The key component of this system is the insulin pump that is programmed to die when the blood sugar is too low, ie, when the patient was asleep.

"Smart pump" is made by the company Medtronic Inc. based in Minneapolis, USA. The tool has also been marketed in Europe, although the agency the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was examined.

Even so, a tool that can be programmed insulin pump pancreas resembles the original and constantly adjust the amount of insulin based on meter readings of blood sugar levels is yet to be tested.

This tool is about the size of a cell phone and can be used on the waist or remain in the bag. Pump has a small tube that is placed under the skin.

The insulin pump is primarily intended for patients with diabetes type one, type of diabetes are diagnosed since the age of the children. In diabetes, the pancreas organ the patient is no longer able to produce insulin. Patients must inject insulin several times a day to keep blood sugar levels remain normal.

In a study involving patients with type one diabetes, insulin pump is able to provide the amount of insulin levels stable.

In three months, episodes of low blood sugar levels in patients are reduced to one-third.

The next test is to test whether the device can be turned off the pump immediately before the blood sugar drops too much and automatically supplies insulin to prevent blood sugar levels are too high.

The greatest danger is too much insulin in the body at night, a time when blood sugar levels naturally drop. Excess insulin can cause coma, convulsions, even death.