Diabetes and Hypertension Can Cause Dialysis

Chronic high blood pressure and blood sugar levels in people with uncontrolled diabetes can lead to complications. One is the end-stage kidney disease that leads to kidney transplant or dialysis.

Hypertension and diabetes according to dr.Tunggul Situmorang, Sp.PD, has become the most common cause of end-stage renal failure, especially in urban areas. "But if in the area for the cause is an infection of the kidneys," he said when contacted by Kompas.com on Saturday (06.08.13).

End-stage renal failure is gradual. In patients with diabetes or hypertension, to reach the stage of end-stage renal failure can occur for a dozen to tens of years. Making it difficult to know exactly when kidney damage occurs.

In fact according to dr.Tunggul, kidney disease often do not give any signs or symptoms. In patients with type two diabetes, structural changes of renal function occurs later than.

"Not infrequently kidney function is impaired, but still good kidney anatomically so that when kidney ultrasound looked good," said nephrologist and hypertension of RS.Cikini Jakarta.

He explained, either hypertension or diabetes, will lead to complications such as damage to blood vessels, including arteries in parts of the kidney.

Undue burden on small blood vessels (glomeruli) in the kidneys filter unit can cause damage and scarring. If this happens, the kidneys filter unit will lose its ability to filter out waste products from the blood.

"Due to continued high blood sugar levels, kidney weight increases. Stretchy blood vessels over time so that the kidneys have to work harder," said dr.Tunggul.

For this reason, people with diabetes or hypertension suggest to conduct routine checks every year to measure the amount of protein in the urine (mirkoalbumin). This is to monitor the early presence of kidney damage.

Analasia blood and urine are the most common test to measure kidney function. If the examination shows a decrease in kidney function, your doctor will be called for kidney ultrasound.

In addition to kidney failure, diabetes or chronic hypertension can also lead to heart disease.