Consume Fruit At The Right Time

In fact, the fruit has a rich nutrients and provide many benefits for our bodies. In addition to providing vitamins and minerals needed for the body, the fruit can also give you a sense of satiety.

But do you know that there is a right time to eat fruits that provide maximum results? As quoted from Boldsky, Thursday (06/06/2013):

1. Empty Stomach

Eating fruit on an empty stomach is the best way to detoxify your system in the body. Well, this is also the best time to ensure optimum absorption of vitamins and minerals in the fruit by the body.

Eat fruit at breakfast is a good way to 'heat up' the digestive system in the morning. It also ensures the rate of blood sugar levels in the body.

2. Before Exercise

The fruit will be the perfect snack when you exercise regularly. Take the fruit as a snack before you start the exercise.

Fruit can maintain the level of energy in your body, but do not provide a full or bloated sensation. Body can also use sugar from fruit is more efficient because the ability of insulin to transport sugar into body cells increased with exercise.

3. Fruit consumption accordance Season

In traditional medicine recommended fruits to eat according to the seasons change. For example, seasonal fruits such as mangoes will exactly be enjoyed during the summer.

Importing fruits from other countries would lead to the loss of nutrients due to artificial substances contained. Therefore, enjoy fruit in keeping with the growing season.

4. In Sela-between Meals

The best time to eat fruit is one hour before a meal and two hours after eating. This ensures that Vitamin C, pectin and fiber completely absorbed by the body. The level of cholesterol in the body is also reduced by the consumption of fruit in between meals.

5. After meals

When the fruit is consumed immediately after a meal, fructose absorption by the body will be slow. Residual fructose in the digestive system will produce organic acids that cause bloating and diarrhea. So it would be better if the fruit is consumed 2 hours after a big meal. Fruit that has been destroyed in the stomach requires more time to digest it and make it rot.

Eating fruits without enough knowledge about nutrition will be more harm than good. So, make sure you have the fruit at the right time to reap the benefits of good health.