Can Kids Wearing Contact Lenses?

Contact lenses are alternatives to glasses to correct vision. Even children can actually wear contact lenses, especially children aged over 8 years and has been able to be responsible for the cleanliness of the contact lens.

If the child does not like to wear glasses and want to use contact lenses, make sure they understand the risks if hygiene is not maintained. Consult your eye doctor which type of contact lenses are best fit with eye disorders experienced by children. Avoid buying contact lenses at the mall or the cosmetics store.

"The lens is dirty could be nest bacteria and potentially damage the health of the eye, such as the eyes become red or itchy," said dr. Tri Rahayu, Sp.M from Jakarta Eye Center branch Kedoya Jakarta, Saturday (06.15.13).

In children, the use of contact lenses can also boost their confidence. But contact lenses in children is generally used to correct eye disorders, such as nystagmus or eye ball moves uncontrollably, severe nearsightedness, or anisometropia (squint).

For the kids, Tri suggest contact lenses made ​​from silicone. According to this material to reduce the risk of bacterial infection compared with five percent made ​​from hydrogel lenses. "The important thing is to be replaced every day. Use of contact lens keep it clean short term than long-term use," he said.

In addition to how to use it, also teach children how to clean, store contact lenses, to pay attention to the expiration date of the lens.