Beware of Skin Health Problems During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the happiest times for a woman. Because at this time contained prospective baby who loved with all his heart. So of course they want the best for the prospective baby.

But it also makes the Eve often "forget" their own health. In fact, during the process of pregnancy women experience changes in body structure, hormonal, skin contour, psychological thereby affecting their health in general.

One of the health risks faced by pregnant women is skin health disorders. According to dermatologist and sex of Bunda International Clinic dr. Amaranila Latita Drijono, skin health problems during and after childbirth can affect the quality of life by causing discomfort such as itching.

"Skin disorders clearly visible due to make a difference in the color of the skin, thereby reducing the confidence," said the doctor with Nila's close calls in a seminar titled "Risk After Childbirth: What You Do not Know and Compulsory Unknown" held by Dermatix and RS Bunda Jakarta .

Nila explained, skin diseases associated with pregnancy there are two types that occur due to pregnancy and are exacerbated by pregnancy. Skin diseases caused by pregnancy include:

1. Herpes Gestational

Despite having symptoms and are almost the same name, but different from the disease caused by the herpes virus. Nila states, gestational herpes in pregnancy is very distinctive and has nothing to do with the virus. The exact cause of this disorder is unknown, but is suspected due to hormonal problems.

Symptoms of herpes gestational similar to the appearance of chicken pox reddish patches of water in the entire body. To distinguish this disorder commonly required with herpes or taking skin biopsy technique. Could also be a way of observation and investigation conducted by professionals.

Because is not caused by a virus, not gestational herpes contagious and will disappear on its own after delivery.

2. Urticaria of pregnancy

Symptoms are similar to urticaria, but only occurs during pregnancy. Elongated shape and stand out on the surface of the skin. Usually gives the sufferer itching. Only occur at certain times such as evenings and did not last long.

3. Chloasma gravidarum

In the form of stripes or black spots that occur in the skin, usually on the face. If not handled properly, this will result in melasma disorder after childbirth.

4. Polimorfus eruption

Looks like eczema, redness and uneven in certain parts of the skin. Unlike ultikaria, this disorder can last a long time and happens constantly. These symptoms are also giving sufferers itching.

5. Stretch marks (stiae gravidarum)

This disorder is quite popular among pregnant women. Have symptoms blackish streaks in the skin patches are experiencing withdrawal due to pregnancy. If there is no treatment, stretch marks will persist after delivery, although reduced six months postpartum.