Beware of Calorie Content in Fast Food Menu

Consumer awareness of the health and prevent obesity makes fast food manufacturers to prepare menus that claimed low in calories. But, is there any fast food really healthy?

A group of researchers tried to prove this by comparing the calorie content of the two fast-food restaurants that have extensive networks throughout the world, the McDonald's and Subway.

The study involved 97 adults aged 12 to 21 years. All respondents interviewed after buying and eating fast food. The respondents are consumers who often buy food at the restaurant and bought with their own money without an order from the researchers.

Research using the proof of purchase to record their messages menu and calculate the number of calories contained in the food match the information on the official website of the restaurant.

The study found content of 955 calories in the dish to reach 1,038 in McDonald's and Subway.

"It turns out the calorie content is not much different and the respondents on average consume too many calories at both restaurants," said research leader Dr. Lenard Lesser, from Fielding UCLA School of Public Health.

Adults are recommended to consume an average of about 2000 calories per day, divided into three meals and two snacks or fruit interlude. If for lunch ideally is 662 calories, then buy one menu at fast food restaurants would have been greatly exaggerated.

More details, the researchers explain, sandwiches (sandwiches) were purchased at fast food outlets contain 500-700 calories. Sweet drink around 60-150 kalir. Complementary foods such as potato chips around 35-201 calories.

Overall the food was purchased at fast food outlets contain both high carbohydrate. A salt intake to 1800 mg.

"Indeed we do not keep track of what is eaten after the fast food including sports. However it would be better if one does not eat up to 900 calories," said Lesser.

Caloric intake largest fast-food restaurant is the fried or grilled meat. The second factor is that soft drinks contain high sugar.

The researchers suggest that consumers realize their calorie intake. If you want to fast-food restaurants, choose a menu with smaller portions and thinner meat and more vegetables.

Excessive caloric intake plus all modern lifestyle makes a person less movement can cause an imbalance of energy in and out. The stored energy will be stored as body fat so that there was obesity. Obesity itself is the mother of all diseases, such as heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, and many more.