50 Percent of People with Lupus Experiencing Kidney Inflammation

Lupus cause still hasn't yet known. Even the symptoms in each person is different, making it difficult to quickly diagnose by medical experts. In Indonesia, nearly 50 percent of people with lupus have kidney inflammation. 20 Percent of them to have dialysis.

Although there is no exact data, but estimates odapus (people with lupus) in Indonesia has reached 400 thousand people. Where 97 percent of people with lupus are women of childbearing age 14 years to 45 years. Lupus is a disease that attacks the connective tissue and blood vessels so the impact is very broad covering many organs of the body.

"Symptoms of lupus each person will be different. This is difficult for medical staff to diagnose quickly. Least that fast three months. Least be many years old up to 7 years old," said the doctor lupus observer of Hasan Sadikin Hospital, Dr. Rachmat Gunadi SpPD-KR, who met while Peak Warning World Lupus Day 2013 that initiated Syamsi Duha Foundation in Graha Sanusi Hardjadinata Padjadjaran University, Dipatiukur Street, London, and was written on Sunday (12/05/2013).

Because of the difficulty of diagnosis, patients often come already in a severe condition. Eg lupus was attacking the kidneys. But he does not always like it. Sometimes diagnosed quickly, but it was attacking vital organs such as the kidneys or brain.

"So he could have said such a tsunami lupus, come and destroy all the organs of the body," he said.

According to Dr. Rachmat, nearly 50 percent of people with lupus have kidney inflammation, in which 20 percent of them have dialysis. While that attack the brain as much as 30 percent and the rest attack the skin.

"It's different than in the West, people with lupus there almost 60 percent of attacks the skin.'s Why in the West the red rash on the face is shaped like a butterfly easily seen, while Indonesia was not seen," said Dr. Rachmat.

According to Dr. Rachmat getting younger person has lupus, then the disease will be more severe. "Usually when the younger was more severe. Average kidney or brain attack. Yet if Chenaniah eg 40 years old, usually perceived symptoms joint pain," he said.

How to be aware of a thousand faces this disease? "How simple is for example if we continue to fever and unexplained illness, or canker sores constantly but never eat spicy hot food or feed, continuous joint pain, hair loss but never substitute for the shampoo, so think of lupus. Then hurry up treatment , "he advised.