4 Ways to Prevent Hemorrhoid

Hemorrhoids is a disease or disorder of the rectum. Hemorrhoids can cause swelling of the mouth anus, even accompanied by bleeding. It certainly cause discomfort for the sufferer.

According to health experts digestion of the Division of Gastroenterology Department of Medicine Faculty of medicine / RSCM, Dr Ari Fahrial, lifestyle of the people now may lead to increased prevalence of hemorrhoids. Lifestyle is not meant to move, eat less fiber, or lack of drinking water.

However, as with any disease in general, hemorrhoids can be prevented. Ari said some things that can prevent hemorrhoids.

1. Try to defecate smoothly

Straining during bowel movements will result in enlargement of blood vessels in the anus (hemorrhoids). Defecate smoothly reduces straining activities. In order to urinate smoothly, we need to drink enough water and eat fiber.

Fiber can be obtained from vegetables or fruits. It could also be derived from cereals or gelatin.

"The large intestine and fiber needs water to do its job properly," said Ari.

2. Many moves

Less mobile lifestyle can increase the risk of hemorrhoids. Therefore, the solution is much more moving. Try to exercise at least 3-5 times or 150 minutes a week.

Additionally, reduce the vehicle up to a distance that is still able to reach on foot.

3. Avoid too much sitting

Sitting for too long can cause pressure on the anus thus triggering hemorrhoids. Therefore, try not to sit while doing activities that can be done while standing, eg call.

"Even if your job requires you to sit a lot, frequently took the stand, at least 2 hours," Ari suggestions.

4. Avoid the "fun" in the toilet

Lifestyle of people today who can not escape from smart phones (smartphones) often carry over to the toilet. In fact, "fun" operate smart phone while sitting on the toilet can increase the risk of hemorrhoids.

In addition, bringing smart phones into the toilet just will add a lot of bacteria attached to it. Therefore, try to stop thinking smart phone makes as friend pee again.