Too Much Consume Cinnamon Can Damage Your Liver

Consume too much cinnamon turned out to be dangerous. The study, published in the ACS Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry found that the components found in cinnamon may pose a danger for those who have sensitive liver.

Component called coumarin which is found in certain types of cinnamon and toxic even in small amounts. Research recommends people consume no more than 0:07 mg coumarin per kg of body weight per day.

In addition to liver, the lungs also be in danger if the cinnamon powder inhalation. This unintentional absorption can cause choking and lung injury.

Cinnamon is actually a flavor that is often used in various foods and beverages. This spice comes from the bark of the tree and into the most important spices. Cinnamon is known to the public that there are two types, namely Ceylon and cassia

Cinnamon or Ceylon cinnamon is often said to be true, is the most expensive cinnamon. So most breads, cereals, and a variety of products in the U.S. using dried cassia bark or cinnamon cassia.

Though a little cinnamon cinnamon contains coumarin. This is in contrast with cassia cinnamon. In powder, cassia cinnamon contains 63 times more coumarin than Ceylon. In the form of rod (stick), cassia cinnamon contains 18 times more coumarin than Ceylon.

The use of cinnamon on oatmeal or other cereal form for several days a week, can make a person more prone to intemperate consumption of coumarin. This certainly can harm liver health consumers.


The selection of the right type of cinnamon into preventive measures, in order to avoid the accumulation of coumarin in the body. Although difficult, it does not mean Ceylon and cassia are indistinguishable

Ceylon cinnamon has a sweet taste of brown, while cassia tend to be spicy with a reddish color to dark brown. Ceylon cinnamon mostly use to soften and sweeten the taste, as well as the dessert.

Cassia cinnamon surface rougher than Ceylon. This is due to the process outside of cinnamon cassia bark does not peel. It also causes dry and cassia cinnamon roll both ends to the middle. This is in contrast with the ceylon cinnamon smooth and wet. So that one end of the roll to the other end, like a roll of paper.