Flu During Pregnancy and Risk of Bipolar Disorder

Experienced infections during pregnancy can have a big impact on the health of the baby to be born. In an early study noted that pregnant women who have during pregnancy are at risk of a child sick with the bipolar disorder.

Even so, the risk is not too great because the mothers do not have to worry too much. Another study mentioned earlier a link between flu during pregnancy and schizophrenia.

Bipolar disorder will cause a person to experience continuous changes in mood, sometimes excessively excited and at other times feel depressed. Bipolar disorder may recur for several weeks.

The research used data from the birth of Child Health and Development Study (CHDS). This data is recorded births from 1959 through 1966 among pregnant women who receive care from Kaiser Permanente Medical Care Plan, Northern California Region (KPNC). From these data found 92 cases of BD 214 participants.

According to lead researcher, Prof.Alan Brown, influenza during pregnancy are at increased risk of bipolar approximately 3-4 percent. Even so, the majority of cases of bipolar disorder is also found in pregnant women who did not have the flu.

"I did not say the risk is high that mothers need not fear excessive," he said.

To prevent influenza, vaccination can be done. Of research in 2011, infants whose mothers were injected flu vaccine when pregnant 50 percent lower chance of suffering from flu than mothers who did not injected.

In addition, pregnant women are advised to consume nutritious food and enough rest to boost his immune. Consult a physician before taking any medication OTC flu.