Too Long Delaying Pregnancy, Beware Gestational Diabetes

The demands of modern lifestyles often make the women should delay pregnancy, especially to pursue a career. This option is not without risk, because most gestational diabetes occur in pregnant women at age 25 years and over.

"Age 25 years and above also includes the risk. Though the trend right now is not in a hurry to have children," said Dr. Dyah Purnamasari, SpPD of the Division of Metabolic Endocrinology Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia, in a media briefing in Cipto Mangunkusumo Kencana, Jl Diponegoro, Jakarta, Monday (05/13/2013).

Tendency to delay pregnancy, according to Dr. Dyah is one of many risk factors for diabetes or gestational diabetes in pregnant women. This condition is the cause of various complications in the baby, including birth outcomes giant or a giant baby.

Gestational diabetes often have no symptoms, so it is important to perform screening or screening during pregnancy. Suggested, all pregnant women are screened, and especially if you have the following risk factors.

1. Asian ethnicity, are genetically more at risk

2. Had a history of diabetes in her family

3. obesity

4. Pregnant at the age of 25 years

5. Had a cholesterol disorder

6. A previous pregnancy gave birth to a baby weighing over 4 kg, premature or low weight even.

"Although in fact it could be due to infection, but disorders in pregnancy as it is we think of as a risk factor," said Dr. Dyah.

Associated with the tendency of delaying pregnancy, 25 years seems to be the most ideal age to get pregnant and have children. If dr Dyah said pregnant over the age of risk for gestational diabetes, some experts recommend not to get pregnant at too young an age as susceptible to complications.