Tanning Bed Cause Cancer

Pale skin is too white and did not look well regarded by the majority of women in western countries. Lately, the trend of dark skin women in Indonesia are also in great demand. But be careful choosing how to darken the skin. The use of tanning beds or a special bed with ultraviolet rays can cause cancer considered.

Agency U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said that tanning beds should not be used by people aged less than 18 years. The FDA also requires that the manufacturer of tanning beds to meet safety standards and designs including a timer and the allowed radiation limits.

The warning was delivered to suppress the case of melanoma, one of the deadly form of skin cancer, the case continues to increase in the last 30 years. An estimated 2.3 million American teenagers use tanning beds each year to get dark skin.

Recent studies have shown the risk of melanoma is 75 percent higher in people who are exposed to ultraviolet indoor tanning during the process. Although most of the new cases are diagnosed at the age of 40 and 50 years old, but the disease is associated with exposure to ultraviolet light at a young age.

At the doctor has also asked the U.S. government to take action on the rampant use of tanning beds in the past few years and the high number of cases of skin cancer in young people.

A study in 2012 in Missouri found that 65 percent of the 250 skin darkening existing business customer receives children aged 10 to 12 years old without parental supervision.

Currently tanning beds are still grouped into low-risk tool, just like a bandage or a tongue depressor. But tanning beds will soon enter into the classification of medium risk devices, or class 2. This condition will facilitate the FDA to monitor the safety and design before producers sell.

Safety standards are very important because recent studies have shown some tanning beds can cause burns (sunburn) when used directly on the skin. The results in 2009 showed 58 percent of adults in the room darkens his skin to experience sunburn skin.

"If undergoing indoor tanning should not be burnt. With this rule shall repair manufacturers specification tool, "said Dr.. Jeffrey Shuren, director of FDA for medical devices and health.

FDA warning itself will not be attached to the tanning beds, but rather the promotional material and warnings related sites.