Safe Skin Care for Pregnant Women

There are no restrictions for pregnant women to always look pretty and take care of yourself. But be careful in choosing the type of care and cosmetic products. Chemicals in cosmetic products can affect fetal development. Hence mothers need to choose a safe.

Dr.. Mary Rosser of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Women's Health at Montefiore Medical Center said, hormonal changes can cause some skin problems such as acne or dark spots on the neck. Noteworthy is choosing products with the friendly content for pregnant women. Examine reading the product packaging and avoid products that are not listed in the FDA.

Rosser also advise pregnant women not to dye your hair. If want to dye your hair, should be done after passing through the first trimester and performed in well-ventilated areas.

"Pregnant women need to be warned salon workers to prevent hair dye touch the scalp them," said Rosser.

The main concern when coloring hair is on the content of ammonia in hair dyes. These substances when inhaled by pregnant women would be harmful to the fetus, especially during the first trimester of pregnancy. This substance is also there in the hair booster products.

Rosser said, highlights and henna safer to use. Highlights considered more secure because it is covered by foil and paint will not seep into the scalp while the henna is considered safe because it is made from natural ingredients.

For nail care, pregnant women should perform standard manicure during the first trimester of pregnancy because of the risk of low affect fetal development. Ensure equipment used sterile and avoid cutting cuticles measures to avoid exposure to chemicals from materials manicure. In addition, pregnant women should avoid artificial nails because they contain chemicals that are harmful to the fetus.

For pregnant women with acne, you should use an oil-free cosmetics and wash their face twice a day with a soft. If the acne still arise and need a doctor's care, be sure not to use products containing Retin A or tetracycline because it has a negative effect on the fetus.

"The most important thing to remember is that pregnancy is a time of joy in life. Naturally you will look beautiful as a pregnant woman," said the Rosses.

To maintain healthy skin, he reminded the importance of rest and drink enough water. "Do not forget to eat a healthy and balanced diet, you will enjoy the pregnancy and look beautiful. Course, got a healthy baby," he said.