Cigarettes, Big Enemy of Asthma Patients

Smoking always bring bad effects on health, both directly as well as those who smoked only inhale the smoke alone. No exception in asthmatics. It's good asthmatics away from cigarette smoke. Reasons expressed by the doctors that cigarette smoke is inhaled asthma can interfere with breathing tract.

"Secondhand smoke is air pollution. Those asthmatics who experience disruption in breathing tract, some may relapse asthma from inhaling cigarette smoke. Much as possible stay away from cigarette smoke, avoid sitting or standing close to people who are smoking," said Dr. Emma Nurhema SpA, child lung specialist department of Friendship, to detikHealth on Tuesday (04.30.13).

In addition, based on a study conducted by researchers from Imperial College in London, indicated a decrease in the number of children with asthma by 12 percent in the first year after the smoking ban rules in enclosed public spaces is applied.

With these results they then calculate a rate reduction at 12 months following treatment, which showed a decrease of up to 12 percent and then 3 percent each of the next two years. This means that in 3 years the amount would be equivalent to about 6,800 cases of hospitalization, as quoted by the BBC, Tuesday (30.04.13).

"For some people with asthma, secondhand smoke can trigger asthma. People suffering from asthma should avoid cigarette smoke, let alone smoke. Though it may not trigger asthma relapse, but smoking can aggravate breathing tract," said Dr. Emma.

Not all smokers know that there are people with asthma in the vicinity. So as much as possible with asthma has the initiative to stay away from people who are smoking. Because cigarette smoke for most people with asthma can lead to relapse.

"If there are people with asthma, and around it there are smokers, chided gently. Maybe smokers do not know that people are suffering from asthma nearby. But better stay away alone. Better to prevent than cure," said Dr. Aru Sudoyo DR, SpPD, health practitioners to detikHealth Medistra Hospital on Tuesday (04.30.13).