Afraid of Diabetes? Change Your Lifestyle!

Heredity, which has been often regarded as the ringleader of a person suffering from diabetes, it is one of the risk factors of type 2 diabetes. If you have these risk factors, you likely suffer from diabetes more than those without.

However, the presence of risk factors, it does not mean that you automatically suffer from the same disease. There are experts who say that the genetic factors that your URLs have a candle. The candles will not light up if there are no fire to their axes.

Diabetes mellitus type 2 is also so, the genetic factors that you take, it will not appear if there is no factor lighters, originators. The main originators such as obesity, relaxed lifestyle (sedentary life, physical inactivity), and unhealthy diet, and smoking.

The amount of influence lifestyle against type 2 diabetes mellitus can be seen from the skyrocketing cases of diabetes worldwide. Thus, the World Health Organization (WHO) states that diabetes mellitus is a disease epidemic worldwide.

Indonesia itself was ranked fourth of the cases of diabetes after India, China, the United States is and then Japan. In 2010, the International Diabetes Federation estimates that 285 million people with diabetes mellitus World became, more than 430 million will suffer from diabetes mellitus in 2030.

The increasing cases of type 2 diabetes in developing countries, including Indonesia, along with the increasing level of prosperity and lifestyle changes people. It was also a clear evidence of a relationship lifestyle with type 2 diabetes. For example, a resident who had studied at the Pacific island of Nauru. Up in 1950 as the livelihoods of the population are farmers and fishermen.

Their diet mainly of fish, vegetables, and plants, fruits that exist on the island. In 1960, phosphate industry developed there. After that, in 1976 residents of Nauru is among the most prosperous in the world. Along with that, the habit of hard work such as farming, fishing began to disappear. Those that have been regular running, switch to using a motor vehicle. Imported food meets shopping, and household electrical appliances, electronic entertainment facilities like TV adorn any home.

Dramatic lifestyle changes due to industrialization and welfare is also a striking impact on the population of Nauru. Obesity, diabetes mellitus previously rare, is now a disease that many appear among residents Nauru. Due to obesity and lack of activity, as many as 34.4 percent of the population have diabetes Nauru later.

Research conducted in China, too, urbanization, industrialization, increased prosperity and changes in lifestyle puts China as the country's second highest incidence of diabetes mellitus in the world. Indonesia also seems the same, also increased the incidence of diabetes mellitus.

The term nurse me, people in the village have now many are suffering from diabetes. And, clinic medicine, internal medicine wards now filled by persons with DM with various complications.

So, if you now suffer from diabetes, you happen to inherit a genetic or hereditary factors, not solely blame them. Lifestyle you are most decisive. And, if you do not want to be like you and worried parents suffer the same disease, then start now change your lifestyle!