11 Steps to Burn Calories in Outdoor

Outdoor sports has many benefits. Besides being able to enjoy the fresh air, outdoor sports also make burn calories activity more fun.

A personal trainer from Park City, Utah, Madsen said Dori, an effective calorie burning workout with resistance training is muscle. This exercise becomes more enjoyable when done outdoors, because there are some variations of movement that requires a wider space.

Muscle endurance training, Madsen said, is a kind of exercise to stimulate the muscle's ability to contract for an indefinite period. This exercise will be done with high intensity and interval.

"Muscular endurance exercise can burn more calories. The less you need, the higher the resistance is created," he said.

Here are some exercises you can do interval outdoors to burn calories.

1. Warming Up. Do jogging about 10 minutes with a relaxed pace.

2. Limit exercise area. If he had not exercising, you should not use too broad area, about 15 meters enough.

3. Run at full speed from end to end limits that you have created, and then to come back, do run backwards.

4. Repeat as many sit ups 25 to 50 times.

5. Repeat step three.

6. Do a push-up movement 10 to 20 times.

7. Repeat step three until the sixth.

8. Walk about 400 meters.

9. Do a quick run again for about three minutes, and slowly lower the speed and change of jogging.

10. Walk for 3 minutes.

11. Repeat from step three until the 10th.