White tea Efficacious Prevent Avian Flu Virus?

Avian flu virus mutates to become more powerful. Humans also continue to conduct various studies to inhibit and even kill the deadly virus. One of the so-called bird flu virus could hamper is white tea.

"White tea is taken from the uppermost bud, not leaf tea to the bottom. Shoots is brewed three kalu to know to what extent can inhibit the virus," says molecular biologist at the University of Airlangga, Dr. DVM. Anwar Nidom, MS.

It was mentioned by him in the Avian Flu and Disaster Preparedness Workshop for Journalists in Horison Hotel, Jl Pakuan, Bogor, West Java, as quoted on Tuesday (09/04/2013).

Nidom explained, while white tea once brewed its benefits as a regular beverage. The second infusion could inhibit influenza, and the third steeping suspected to inhibit the bird flu virus.

White tea should not be dried directly, but only aerated. Because it is not dried by the sun, the content of antioxidants in white tea buds are not lost oxidized. Because white tea contains antioxidants that about 17 per cent.

Unlike the green tea and black tea, white tea is more expensive. For it is not easy to get the tea shoots are yet to be blooming white teas. It is said that the price of 1 kg bulk tea costs Rp 1 million.

To cope with bird flu, is usually also given antiviral oseltamivir in this case. In Indonesia, this drug is prescribed by a doctor so that its use under control. While never commercially available in Japan and the impact hallucinations in children.

Meanwhile, according to Kendra Chittenden, Avian and Pandemic Influenza Senior Advisor, USAID in the same occasion said 8.2 million Americans taking oseltamivir while H1N1 pandemic in the United States. They believe in taking oseltamivir can reduce the 12 types of treatment in hospital.

"Trust oseltamivir could save USD 80 million in health care costs. Was according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in the U.S.," said Kendra.