Vaccination Accelerate Avian Flu Virus Mutation

Vaccination become one of the current flu virus, such as avian flu, outbreak. But even vaccination accelerate bird flu virus mutation. Understandably, the virus needs to survive was to stay alive.

"The vaccine does not eliminate the virus but reducing morbidity and mortality," said molecular biologist at the University of Airlangga, Dr. DVM. Anwar Nidom, MS.

It was mentioned by him in the Avian Flu and Disaster Preparedness Workshop for Journalists in Horison Hotel, Jl Pakuan, Bogor, West Java, as quoted on Tuesday (09/04/2013).

"Mainstay virus is circulating," said Nidom.

Said to him, all the bird flu virus that infects people originating from the mutated virus in chickens. Although vaccination accelerates mutations, but if there are chickens that indicated the bird flu virus, Nidom invited for vaccination.

Distribution of virus receptors (sialic acid) is the human respiratory tract. So that the bird flu virus go first to the lungs, and then went upstairs.

"Sometimes one grab sample, because the sample taken from the nose while still in the lungs," said Nidom.

He also explained to heean there are two receptors that pig nose receptors and human receptors. So spread the virus of swine as adapted or because the virus already coalesced.

From research conducted Nidom, in late 2012 and early 2013 found bird flu virus remains grade 213. Nearly all the fragments of the virus close to Vietnam.

"99.2 Percent-99, 9 percent. Virus is like deliberately taken. Migration of birds there," said Nidom.

But when he advocated bioterrorism, bird flu disease rates have decreased.

Meanwhile, according to Kendra Chittenden, Avian and Pandemic Influenza Senior Advisor, USAID in the same occasion said the vaccine is important to prevent transmission of the virus from human to human and prevent the spread of the plague. About this disease should receive great attention because of its impact can be felt the most impoverished communities.

He hopes that if there are no cases or suspected exposure to bird flu virus reported to the authorities immediately. The point is that in order to get fast and effective treatment. Because the treatment is not promptly reported it to be late.