Vitamin D in Mushroom

Calcium is essential for keeping bones and muscles strong. But without sufficient vitamin D, calcium obtained from food or supplements would be useless.

Vitamin D is essential for absorption of calcium into bone meal. Maintain adequate vitamin D reduces the risk of brittle bones, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis up.

Our bodies naturally produce vitamin D when we are exposed to sunlight. Therefore, for those who live in cold country or you are spending more time indoors, it is advisable to take vitamin D from supplements.

Other sources to obtain vitamin D are mushrooms that have been dried for at least 30 minutes in the sun. This is revealed by a recent study conducted by a team of Boston University School of Medicine.

The researchers compared the amount of vitamin D among people who ate the mushrooms are dried in the sun with people who take vitamin D supplements 2000 units or 3000 units.

All participants are given fungal powder or vitamin supplements that should be taken once daily for 12 weeks or during the winter. Then the researchers took blood samples to determine the metabolism of vitamin D.

Turns mushrooms that have been dried in the sun contains vitamin D as well as the source of the supplement. Those who ate the mushroom powder has a good vitamin D status.

Other studies have shown, fungal form of vitamin D2 in the same way as the human body when exposed to sunlight.

Benefits of vitamin D are known more widely than maintaining bone health, but also to prevent flu infection, strengthen the immune system and reduce the risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, depression, and diabetes.