Natural Ways to Detox Without Supplements

Detox diets that are currently popular are are not cheap, because there are certain supplements that must be purchased. Though there is no way a natural detox diet that can be done while, which is less expensive because it does not need supplements.

Naturally, detox or detoxification has been going on in the body of every human being. As long as the function is still well preserved, living thought alone diet or diets appropriate setting goals that are expected either to increase or decrease the weight.

"So, a natural detox that happens every day made by the liver. Important thing is how to remain balanced nutrition. Way to avoid fried foods, eat vegetables and fruits, eat healthy fats from fish," Dr. Samuel Oetoro message, SpGK from University of Indonesia , as quoted on Wednesday (23/04/2013).

Sometimes, diet or dietary adjustments itself also includes natural detox methods that do not require supplements. The requirement would have the right settings and it's good to consult with a competent doctor about diet.

"Actually, choosing what food goes into your body has a natural detox one. Example with brown rice rather than white rice. Red rice has a higher fiber so that it will expedite the process of digestion, it is the process of detox," says practitioner healthy living, Dr. Phaidon L Toruan.

"The natural detox safer course, most easy is what sort of food that enters the body. Did not just carelessly eat foods high in fat, such as processed foods by frying," said Dr. Phaidon.

Eating only one type of food and completely avoid certain types of foods are also not recommended because of the principle that a healthy diet should maintain nutritional intake remains balanced.

"What is often done is one such diet only eat few fruits or vegetables, or coconut water alone, without any other nutrients the body needs, because the body needs all the nutrients. When this is done in the long run, of course would not be good for our bodies. could be the body becomes malnourished, "said Dr. Cindyawati Pudjiadi, SpGK, MS from RS Medistra.

Some tips given by Dr. Cindy are as follows:

- We recommend that the food consumed is divided into 3 portions large and small portions 2-3 times, while consuming a complete and balanced

- 3 servings of it is to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. The contents of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals

- 2-3 small serving time in the form of fruit or vegetable can to distraction.

- In the beginning, try to reduce the portion of rice or meal portions, then gradually reduced to about 500 calories than it takes in a day.