Treatment After Childbirth

The Childbirth process is very tiring certainly make mom needs some self-care. This self-care in addition to relaxation is also able to restore the declining condition of the mother's body after going through these times.

According to Dr. Frizar Irmansyah, SpOG, to detikHealth as written on Wednesday (03/10/2013), there are some things that can be done to restore Mother decreased body condition postpartum, among others, control the intake of a healthy diet, adequate rest, avoid stress, and keep your wound.

One way that might be done is with a traditional massage. But be sure to choose someone who specializes in postpartum massage. This traditional massage to make Mom comfortable and does not interfere with the operation scar area or birth canal. Expert massage can help restore the ideal body shape.

Besides relaxation massage course can be done by going to the salon. There is no specific prohibition act, everything depends on the comfort of the mother and is usually performed after the puerperal period is completed, which is about 40 days.

"Highly recommended for the mother to go to a salon. Having gone through the process of exhausting labor, it helps the mother relax in the salon, like for manicure, padicure, cream bath, etc," said Dr Frizar who practiced at Pertamina Central Hospital.

Furthermore, control the nutrient intake is also very important for the mother. Excessive dieting is not recommended because it will reduce the nutrients Mother, Mother would likely result malnourished and susceptible to disease.

Quoted from, Wednesday (03/10/2013) Breast-feeding mothers should consume enough calcium, protein, vitamins, and other nutrients to meet the needs not only for himself but also for the baby. Body had just been through a major change with enough nutrition will help faster healing. Breastfeeding mothers need about 300 extra calories per day.

After relaxation and maintaining nutritional intake, treat vaginal condition immediately after birth in an appropriate manner in order to recover quickly vagina. These include treatment with vaginal compress cloth filled with ice cubes, Kegel exercises, and the use of herbal remedies such as dermoplast the vagina.

Postpartum period may be painful. However, proper care will improve comfort and reduce pain she experienced, so she could possibly go wrong. Encourage Dad to share the activities that can take care of myself health postpartum mother and baby's health as well.