After Childbirth, Beware of Baby Blues

Baby who had looked forward to and was conceived during the 9 months ended born. Mother and father should be happy with the birth of the child. However there are some cases where the parents actually feel sad after having a baby. This phenomenon is called the baby blues.

"It's more toward the psychological, usually his mother's suggestion alone. Sometimes due to not ready. His father was also affected because fear is not ready.'s Also the reason a lot of babies being dumped," said Dr. Frits Max Rumintjap, SpOG (K), MARS, obstetrician of Mother and Child Hospital Sentosa, Bogor as written on Wednesday (10/04/2013).

Baby blues or postpartum sadness will make mom feel touched, irritable or overly concerned. This feeling will last a few days. But if the first-time mother, it could be symptoms last up to several weeks.

This disorder seems quite plural experienced. Research estimates that about 80 percent of maternal experience baby blues after giving birth, and about 10 percent turn into postpartum depression or postpartum depression.

On postpartum depression, mothers will feel despair, loss of appetite and sleep or have thoughts that may endanger themselves and their babies. Mothers who experience depression should be asking for help from others in order not to feel too heavy babysit.

In addition to the mother, the father apparently could also suffer similar disorders, although the percentage is much less. The father is experiencing baby blues usually more concerned about marriage and her new life. Allegedly why are not accustomed to expressing emotions or ask for help.

Experts suspect the cause of the baby blues in fathers were depressed due to her partner. Men whose partners are depressed after childbirth have a 2.5 times higher risk of contracting depression than men whose partners were not depressed.

"So there is premarital consultation provided doctors, couples should consult a doctor as advised BKKBN.'s To prepare before mating and giving birth later," said Dr. Frits who was also a soldier's military.