Trauma in Children with Autism Can Last Long

No one wants to be born with a different condition than other people. Likewise, children with autism. Unfortunately, the environment and the people around much less understand and treat them harshly, causing trauma.

"Trauma in children with autism typically last longer. Because they can not communicate. Secondly, they feel themselves to be different, unfavorable or less perfect than other children. Do not forget, children with autism can not talk, but his heart is more sensitive than children children, "says Gayatri Pamoedji, chairman Autism Community Care Indonesia (MPATI) as written on Tuesday (04/02/2013).

Gayatri said that the behavior of children with autism can make is rude behavior. Another thing that can make the trauma is if their needs are not recognized. Unfortunately when visiting public places and showing odd behavior, children with autism often receive harsh treatment from others.

"If these kids yelled continue, they could trauma. If you have trauma, for inclusion again is difficult because they are right for the communication has not been smooth." Gayatri light.

Therefore, children with autism need to be accompanied by caregivers when going to public places. At least until the child be more independent and aware that in a public place should not be yelling. Parents should also slowly getting his son.

For example, if you go to the mall, you should walk around 5 minutes first and then go home. Next walk around 10 minutes and then go home. So it is not immediately taken to the mall to half an hour. This is important because for educating children with autism, parents are the vanguard of the future

"If handled properly, autistic children will certainly grow better. They do not ask for sympathy, they ask only accepted and understood," says Gayatri.

The communities surrounding the encounter children with autism, Gayatri told to accept their. If they rocked, that's the sign being confused or trying to adapt, not necessarily be damaging.

The most frequently made sad is many people still use the word 'autism' for a joke. When parents see that look overwhelmed by an autistic child bearing, toward first to offer help, or a smile of understanding will suffice.