The Cause Detox Diet Failure

Slim is the desire of every person, especially women. Anything will do to get into shape, but unfortunately many are lazy to exercise or just manage their diet. Detox diets also be an option, but why many fail?

Weight loss can only occur if a low calorie diet with balanced nutrition and exercise at least 30 minutes for 5 times per week. Because weight loss only if the fat can be burned down, that is the way the sport.

Most people already 'count' detox process as only eating certain foods or even increase drinking water to lose weight, so called 'diet' detox, this is a wrong perception.

"If you do not want to exercise do not expect to be slim. Relying only detox but little activity will not lose weight," said dr. Phaidon L. Toruan, healthy living practitioner, when contacted by detikHealth, Tuesday (23/04/2013).

In addition to sports, it is also important for those who want to get a slim body to pay attention to what foods into the body. Dr Phaidon added processing should avoid fried foods.

"If you only eat one type of course, is precisely the effect that the body appeared to be malnourished, weak, and does not have enough energy to move," said dr. Phaidon.

The term detox diet is actually not the same as, diet is a dietary adjustments, while detox is to clean. just clean up one of the organs will not immediately lose weight, because fat is not burned.

"When the diet is to eat less, could then nutritional deficiencies met from supplements. Done but that diet remains nutritionally complete and balanced, food intake should be divided into 3 portions large and small portions 2-3 times, "said Dr. Cindyawati Pudjiadi, SpGK, MS, clinical nutrition practitioners in Medistra Hospital, Jakarta, when contacted by detikHealth, Tuesday (04/23/2013).

"So at that time 3 big portions at meals morning, noon and night, keep foods contain carbohydrates, protein, fat sources, vitamins and minerals. Interspersed with small portions 2-3 times in a form such as fruits and vegetables, "he continued.