Snacking at Night Occasionaly Have Some Benefits

Many believe that snacking at night will make a person's body fat and disproportionate.  Though it's not necessarily true. In fact, a recent study found four main reasons why the occasional snack or meal in the evening was fine as quoted Menshealth, Friday (04/12/2013) following.

1. build muscle

A study published in the journal Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise in 2011, a team of researchers from the Netherlands found that eating casein (milk protein dominating) after a night club and 30 minutes before bedtime can increase protein synthesis in men. This means helping him shape his muscles in his sleep.

2. Speeding up metabolism

According to a study from Florida State University, when a man healthy eating snacks at night containing protein or carbohydrate (150 calories) then their resting metabolic rate will be higher in the morning than not eating anything before bed.

Resting metabolic rate (RMR) is the minimal energy requirement needed someone to run the body processes are vital.

3. Not easy hungry

Snack before bed it will make you not hungry in the morning easier and increase the level of satiety during meals the next day. This was stated by a team of researchers from Florida State University.

Whatever type of food does not matter, but try to choose protein foods because it helps you build muscle.

4. Lose weight

In this case the question is eating cereal at night. Because a study from Wayne State University suggests that people who eat cereal before bed to lose about 2 pounds or one kilogram of body weight in four weeks, while those who do not eat cereal only lost 0.5 pounds, or 0.22 kilograms.