Exercise in The Morning have Many Benefits

Most people are not so crazy about the sport in the early morning, especially in the holidays. Though many sports in the early morning health benefits you know. Get up, do not be lazy!

Exercise is very beneficial, especially when done at the right time, one of them in the early morning. Here are the benefits you can get when diligently exercising in the early morning, as reported by Dailyhealthpost, Saturday (04/13/2013):

1. Better cardiovascular impact

One reason for the run on the treadmill is to promote cardiovascular health. Well, in the early morning exercise can actually increase the impact of exercise on the heart.

Why? One of the body's natural way to make you get up is by increasing levels of hormones such as adrenaline, which causes the heart to beat faster. This means you can multiple extra benefits to cardiovascular when exercising in the morning.

But if you have a heart problem, talk with your doctor about exercise in the morning, because research has shown that the extra activity of the heart can cause chest pain and even heart attack for people with underlying issues.

2. Improve brain power

Exercise has been shown to improve mental focus and acuity to 10 full hours post-exercise. If you force exercise after work, you can not take advantage of it because they have a good night. Exercise in the early morning means that both brain and body in good shape throughout the day.

3. Weight loss better

If you exercise to lose weight, the morning is the optimal training time for it. Sports in the morning has been shown to suppress the desire to eat less throughout the day. Even in the early morning exercise makes the body burn calories faster and more efficiently throughout the day.

4. Produce more energy

Sports releases a compound that makes you feel comfortable and happy, such as endorphins that improve mood and energy levels, an effect that can last until late afternoon if you exercise early in the morning. Plus, exercise in the morning can help you sleep better than when exercising at night.