Smoking in the Morning is Dangerous

Smoking a cigarette after waking believed by smoking addicts will improve your mood and concentration in the morning. In fact, smoking is very dangerous in the morning.

The team of researchers from Pennsylvania State University conducted a study to determine the association between smoking in the morning and various types of cancer.

"We found that smokers who smoke immediately after waking have higher levels of NNAL or specific carcinogens of tobacco metabolites in their bodies compared with lit cigarette smokers who deferred until half an hour after waking up," said Steven Branstetter. The higher levels of NNAL, the greater the risk of developing cancer.

He explained that, when smoking was more influential than the number of cigarettes consumed per day, in relation to cancer.

Branstetter and his team observed about 2,000 adult smokers. Each individual is asked how often they smoked and when they smoke in the morning or after waking.

The study participants also take a sample of urine to determine the amount of NNAL in their bodies. Levels of NNAL in humans tend to be stable. This means a one-time sampling is enough to determine the amount of exposure in the long term.

The results showed that 32 percent of smokers, the smoke about 5 minutes after waking up, 31 percent smoked between 6-30 minutes after waking up, 18 percent between 31-61 minutes after waking up, and 19 percent waited about an hour after waking.

Apparently NNAL levels in the body respondents highest in smokers who smoke immediately after waking up 5 minutes compared to waiting at least 30 minutes. In addition, levels of NNAL in blood circulation can also predict when they start smoking, if they live with other smokers, age, and sex.