Pregnant, Can Take HPV Vaccination?

One way to prevent infection of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) is to perform vaccination. But whether vaccination of women can do during pregnancy?

According to an obstetrician from the Faculty of Medicine, University Hospital Ciptomangunkusumo Indonesia (Faculty of medicine / RSCM) in Jakarta Laila Nuranna, vaccination should not be performed during pregnancy. "Vaccination feared would affect the health of the fetus," he said in a symposium organized by the Indonesian doctors Working Group on Tuesday (04/02/2013) in Jakarta.

In contrast, active vaccination actually done before intercourse. "HPV is transmitted through sexual contact. So, it's best to avoid infection, vaccination before ever having sexual intercourse," said Laila.

But if it's too late, vaccination can still be done, as long as not being in the program for a baby for the first and second injections.

Medical specialist in internal medicine faculty of medicine / RSCM Iris Renggani expressed in the same occasion, the stage HPV vaccination consists of 3 injections, ie at month 0, 2, and 6.

"For the first and second injection must comply with the rules of the two-month interval, but for the third injection can be done a year later. Between the second and third injections is okay if pregnant," said Iris.

HPV vaccination is done after delivery or have been sexually active, Iris said, should be preceded by screening. Screening can be done in two ways, namely pap smear and Visual Inspection with Acetic Acid (VIA). Screening aims to detect the presence of HPV infection.

Iris adds, HPV is a virus that can not be smart enough to be detected by the immune system. Benefits of HPV vaccination is to produce antibodies that coat the virus can not enter the cells.