Refresh Your Breath With These Foods

Who does not want to have fresh breath? In addition to mean that there are no problems in the mouth and digestive, fresh breath also boost confidence. One fun way to get a breath of fresh is smart to choose the food you eat.

Food can affect breath odor. Leftovers are stung in the mouth will contribute to produce bad smell.

Well, check out these 5 foods that can help freshen your breath.

1. Tea

One cup of green or black tea can reduce bad breath with the content of polyphenolics. As long as you do not add sugar to tea, the antioxidant will work to kill the bacteria that cause odor problem. Research from the University of Utah Health Care reported that people who regularly drink tea tends to have a fresh breath compared with those who did not.

2. Yogurt

Unsweetened yogurt can fight bad breath after six weeks of regular consumption. This may be caused by the action of "good" bacteria that can kill bacteria "evil" cause breath bay. Plus, yogurt contains vitamin D which also helps to fight bacteria.

3. Medicinal plants

Medicinal plants such as betel not only can kill bacteria in the mouth, but also refreshing mouth. Medicinal plants shaped green leaves contain chlorophyll to help freshen breath without adding another flavor overload. Besides betel, try mint leaves, parsley, and fennel seeds.

4. Apple

According to the American Association Dietic, munching fruit and fresh vegetables such as apples, celery, and carrots can help remove plaque on the teeth that causes bad breath. Chewing increases saliva production and prevent the proliferation of bacteria.

5. Orange

Recommendation from a dental professor at New York, high fruit content of vitamin C can destroy unwanted bacteria in the mouth. Fruits rich in vitamin C also helps fight diseases like gingivitis exacerbate bad breath.