Parkinson Drug Not Cured, But Make Patients Remain Productive

Tremor or vibration can occur due to degeneration of the joints or nerves. One of the symptoms of the disease is Parkinson's tremor. For people living with Parkinson's would have been familiar with this drug.

Levodopa, the name of the miracle drug. These drugs are very beneficial for people with Parkinson's. Parkinson himself known as neurodegenerative diseases that can interfere with the productivity of the sufferer.

"Every Parkinson's patient will usually be given levodopa and combined with 4 or 5 other drugs. This is not to cure the disease. Parkinson's can not be cured," said Dr. Banon Sukoandari, SPS as chairman of Parkinson Care Foundation Indonesia.

He speaks in discussion with the theme Art Parkinson: My Family in order to commemorate the World Parkinson's Day. This seminar took place at Cafe Energy, Energy Building Jl. Gen.. Sudirman Kav. 52-53 Jakarta, as quoted on Friday (04/12/2013).

Levodopa become a drug for people with Parkinson's gold but not carelessly given. Dr. Diatri Nari Lastri, Sp.S (K) as the guest speaker and also general secretary of the Association of Physician Specialists administrators Nerve Centre Indonesia (PERDOSSI), said that every patient is different dose.

"Depending on what the symptoms are severe," he said.

Diatri said that for this drug will only be used a maximum of 5 years because it has many side effects.

He asserted that Levedopa is not a cure for, but to reduce tremors in people with Parkinson's. This drug certainly have side effects in certain doses.

Not to forget Dr. Banon Sukoandari, Sp.S (K), chairman of Parkinson Care Foundation Indonesia (YPPI) go silent. He mentioned one of the effects of long term use of levodopa was dyskinesia.

"Long-term use of levodopa would lead to other diseases. This is the next phase, ie dyskinesia. Tardive will cause vibration and movement of the whole body," said Dr. Banon.

Then, Dr. Diatri was complete back on the dosing and use of this drug. Dr Diatri explained that patients and doctors need to do a deal for this administration.

"And to be handled by a competent neurologist," he explained.

Impact on the future of this drug should be completely discussed by physicians, patients, and patient families. This is because patients must take drugs all her life.

Parkinson is currently no cure. Only the symptoms can be minimized with Levodopa. "The goal is to minimize the symptoms in order to increase their quality of life," said Dr. Diatri.

Parkinson's disease can not be cured, but to support the activities of the patient can still be given the drug. In addition, support and assistance to the family is the primary support reduce depression in people with Parkinson's.