Lower Tensions with Egg's White?

Good news for egg lovers and you have a problem with high blood pressure (hypertension). A recent study stated, egg white can lower blood pressure in the same way as drugs.

Egg white substance found on the functioning of blood pressure lowering. The substance is also present in blood pressure drugs captopril.

Head of research dr. Zhipeng Yu of China's Jilin University, said the study shows the reason for calling the eggs as "fabulous food".

"We have laboratory evidence that the content in the egg white in the form of peptides, one of the building blocks of protein, can reduce blood pressure. Much as the content of the work can be done by a blood pressure-lowering medication Captopril low doses," said Yu.

Yu and colleagues studied a peptide found in the egg white. The peptide called RVPSL. RVPSL has the ability to inhibit the action of ACE, which is a substance formed by the body which raises blood pressure.

Experiments on mice showed RVPSL not have toxic effects and may lower blood pressure.

These findings were presented at the National Meeting and Exposition of the American Chemical Society (ACS) in New Orleans.

Yu said, these results support previous findings on the same topic. Yu optimistic peptides in the egg white can be developed with further research and has promising potential.

"Peptides in egg whites, either in the egg or other supplements, can be very useful to be added in the treatment of hypertension," said Yu.

In 2009, researchers from the University of Alberta Canada found that eggs produce proteins that have the same effect as drugs that lower blood pressure. They also found that eggs can lower blood pressure in the same way as ACE inhibitors.

The drugs lower blood pressure by stopping the hormone angiotensin that constricts blood vessels. The researchers found that eggs have a relationship with a stomach enzyme that produces a protein similar function.