Fruit Juice Can Replace Fat in Chocolate

Chocolate is one of the most popular type of snack. But not infrequently, the fans of sweet foods this one was worried about the calories and fat. Especially for those who are undergoing weight loss programs.

A new breakthrough by researchers from the University of Warwick. They say, 50 percent of the fat in chocolate can be replaced by orange and cranberry juice. The researchers add, replace fat chocolate with fruit juice will not change the texture of the chocolate is hard, but also melted in the mouth. In fact, it does not change the taste.

However, this technology still has the disadvantage of producing chocolate that contains little taste of fruit juice. But the researchers say, it can be minimized by replacing fruit juice with water and a small amount of vitamin C.

Research leader dr. Stefan Bon said, everyone likes chocolate, but unfortunately the high fat content. "The content of the fat in chocolate brown makes a very unique texture. Gentle and melted in the mouth, but also hard to be broken by hand," said Bon.

"We found a way to keep the typical texture of chocolate but with a lower fat content," he added.

Unfortunately, Bon and his team have not been interested in producing low-fat chocolate massively in the near future. "It depends on the food industry that would utilize our findings to chocolate that is healthier," said Bon.