Hypertension Patients is Increasing Each Years

High blood pressure or hypertension had killed 9.4 million people in the world each year. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that figure, the number of patients with hypertension will continue to increase along with the growing population. At 2025, about 29 percent of projected world affected by hypertension.

Percentage of patients with hypertension is currently the most widely available in developing countries. Data Global Status Report on Noncommunicable Disesases 2010 from the World Health Organization estimates, 40 percent of developing economies have hypertension, while only 35 per cent of developed countries. Africa region holds the top spot as much as 46 percent of hypertensive patients. While America distended position with 35 percent. In Southeast Asia, 36 percent of adults suffer from hypertension.

For Asia, the disease has killed 1.5 million people annually. This indicates one of three people suffer from high blood pressure.

"For men and women an increasing number of patients, from 18 percent to 31 percent and 16 to 29 percent," said Dr.Khancit Limpakarnjanarat, WHO representative to Indonesia in World Health Day commemoration at the Ministry of Health of Indonesia in Jakarta, Thursday (4 / 4/13) yesterday.

According Khancit, in 2011, WHO reported that there were one billion people are affected by hypertension. In Indonesia, the number of hypertensive patients reached 32 percent in 2008 with a range of over 25 years of age. Number of male patients reached 42.7 percent, while 39.2 percent are women.

While data Basic Health Research 2007 said, the province with the highest prevalence rate Natuna Islands occupied by 53.3 percent. While the distended position occupied West Papua Pripinsi with 6.8 percent prevalence rate.

Can be prevented

High blood pressure can certainly be prevented. Changes in diet and exercise is the key factor. Each person should consume a meal with balanced nutrition. Fruits and vegetables should be consumed more often while foods containing saturated fats should be reduced. People should limit consumption of just 5 grams of salt per day. Cigarette and alcohol use also harm the body should be avoided because it could potentially impede blood flow.

Regular exercise also needs to be done. Should everyone be running at least 30 minutes of physical activity per day. This applies to anyone regardless of age. 5 pounds of body weight reduction can reduce systolic blood vessel 2-10 points. People are also advised to manage stress well, such as meditation, yoga, or make positive contact.

The Ministry of Health working to increase self awareness through an integrated coaching post (posbindu) non-communicable diseases. Here the public is invited to behave DODGY regular health checks, remove cigarette smoke, diligent physical activity, healthy diet with calorie balanced, adequate rest and manage stress. People can know the risk factors, detection, treatment, and management of hypertensive disease emergency response.