Five Easy Ways to Banish Depression

Depression is a problem that is often experienced by people without knowing the limits of age and social class. Worst effects of the depression is triggered suicidal ideation.

Basically depression caused by three factors, namely organobiologis, psychological, and socio-environmental. Specific psychological factors, depression usually occurs due to psychological stress load.

Here are some easy ways to ward off depression as reported by the Times of India website:

1. Eating the right foods

When someone is suffering from depression, his appetite was declining. Try to eat foods, such as beans, tomatoes, dark chocolate, whole wheat, honey, and coconut to enhance the mood. As we all know that food is able to increase the level of endorphins, or more commonly known as the happy hormone.

2. sport

Happy hormones can also be produced through sport. Researchers found that the rate of depression in patients who exercised for 1.5-2 hours per week, lower.

3. Avoid watching television until late at night

According to a study conducted by researchers the U.S., sitting at the computer, the television until late at night or to sleep can increase a person's risk of depression. You are therefore advised to avoid such activities.

4. Go to the outdoors

Want to feel happy again? Go out of the house for some fresh air and exposure to sunlight. Several studies have shown that serotonin - the hormone that affects the sense of happiness - will increase when people get more sunlight.

5. Being around positive people

Isolating yourself will only make it worse mood. Multiply better friends with people who are positive minded and energetic. One way you can join a club or group that has the same hobby.