Familiarize Breakfast to Children

Children have trouble concentrating and often sleepy in class could be due to lack of nutrition. Therefore, children should be accustomed to breakfast before leaving for school.

Breakfast is not only the provision of energy for the activity of the child, but the breakfast regularly can also prevent obesity. Children who regularly eat breakfast are generally able to keep meal portions at lunch. Stomach is empty because no breakfast also encourage children to snack at random.

During sleep, the state of the body such as while fasting, glucose levels down. Upon waking, the child immediately initiate various activities that will require energy.

"Children need a daily intake of a variety of activities, ranging from coarse motion to think. Without breakfast, your body needs energy will not be enough," said Dr. Soedjatmiko Sp A, the educational media event titled "The Future of Large Starting from breakfast" at Jakarta some time ago.

Caloric needs of children aged 7-13 years around 1500-2000 calories per day. A good breakfast is able to meet the nutritional needs of 15-25 percent of the daily requirement. Food consumed should also be enough fiber, low in fat, and complex carbohydrates.

"In addition to breakfast, later in the lunch time snack should be no distractions, such as cakes arem-arem, meat croquettes, lemper, and can be added one box of milk," he said.

Unfortunately, there are still many Indonesian children who skipped breakfast. For parents, especially mothers, the main problem is the difficulty waking the child up from sleep for breakfast, hard to get kids breakfast, kids to worry about late school.

If children are not accustomed to breakfast, over time the quality of child growth will be lower than children whose nutritional enough.

"Children who ate breakfast had better concentration at school, better stamina and nutritional status. Habits breakfast is not going to make the child lose a great future," said Prof Hardinsyah of the Department of Community Nutrition IPB.

Roslina Verauli psychologist also reveals, breakfast habit in children is a long-term investment that can create a generation of tough.

"Children become more disciplined and organized, and have emotions under control because it always felt a moment of togetherness in the family," he said.