Easy Ways to Prevent Parkinson

Parkinson's, a progressive neurodegenerative disease name due to the death of brain cells that contain dopamine, it can be prevented by performing arts events. Art activities in question include painting, drawing, making various crafts, meronce beads, ceramics, sculpture, mosaics, and other artistic activities.

Hospital neurologist Dr. PMI Bogor. Banon Sukoandari, Sp.S said, art can make the brain with muscle coordination, as well as indirectly giving the feeling happier. This is what can prevent or improve Parkinson's disease.

"Art can make people better at running complex planning is difficult for people with Parkinson's. Complex planning is planning that made the brain before doing something that sequence," he said in a media education forum titled "Art Parkinson: My Family" on Thursday (11 / 4/2013) in Jakarta.

The forum was organized by the Parkinson Care Foundation Indonesia (YPPI) in collaboration with the Association of Indonesian Doctors Neurologist (PERDOSSI) and PT Roche Indonesia, in commemoration of the World Parkinson's Day which falls on 11 April 2013.

Banon said, the benefits of the art to prevent or alleviate the symptoms of Parkinson's pretty good, which is why artists generally have a small risk of developing Parkinson's disease.

"In addition, for people with Parkinson itself, art can explore their abilities. Lots of people with Parkinson's who are new to the art since already holds Parkinson's, and appeared to have artistic talent," said Chairman of the YPPI.

In the same occasion, the Secretary General of the Executive Committee PERDOSSI dr. Nari Diatri Lastri, Sp.K (K) of dr. Ciptomangunkusumo (RSCM) say, Parkinson's disease is not yet known for certain trigger factors. However, genetic and environmental risk factors of this disease.

"There is no causative treatment, that there is a new treatment that addresses symptomatic symptoms," said Nari.

Art became one therapy to improve symptoms of Parkinson's. Combination of medication and therapy is the best treatment for people with Parkinson's.