Do not Delay Treatment of Eye Cancer

Retinoblastoma or eye cancer is the second highest cause of cancer death in children. Child survival increases if symptoms known earlier and immediately got medical treatment.

Consultant pediatrician hematology-oncology at the Cancer Hospital Dharmais Edi Setiawan Tehuteru Education Childhood Cancer event on Friday (12/4), in Jakarta, said most patients come to the hospital with a cancer condition stage 3 or 4. "In these conditions, it is difficult to save the patient because life expectancy is only about 20 percent," said Edi.

In developed countries like the United States, patients come to the hospital when the cancer was stage 1 or 2. Thus, not only the eyes of patients, but also patients' lives could be saved.

According to Edi, recognize symptoms and treat eye cancer as early as possible to increase the life expectancy of patients by 80 percent. Cancer treatment is medically necessary eye average of 1.5 years.

Society generally still reluctant to immediately carry out treatment prescribed by your doctor. They put off a decision on the pretext of treatment should be taken by a large family. Harmful treatment delays because of rapid growth of cancer cells.

"Usually they are looking for alternative treatments first, such as herbal medicine. Besides not work well, the price of herbal medicines are also often more expensive, "said Edi.


Cancer is characterized by manic eyes eyeballs turn white, crossed eyes, and red. Cancer of the eye can cause blindness. When the late treated, cancer can result in death.

In Indonesia, there are an estimated 4100 new cases of childhood cancer each year. It is not clear how many cases of cancer of the eye. Blood cancer (leukemia) is still the leading cause of cancer mortality.

Chairman of the Foundation Anyo Indonesia (YAI) Pinta Manullang Panggabean said the increasing cases of cancer in children should be a public concern. Based on his experience to educate the public, many people do not know the cancer can occur in children. "Therefore, education to improve the knowledge society must be done," he said.