Breakfast With Eggs Reduce The Desire to Snack

Bad habit of snacking throughout the day is one of the main causes of obesity are often not realized. In fact, there are easy ways to reduce them, by breakfast with eggs. Potent protein content withstand hunger.

A study at the University of Missouri again proved that intake of protein in the breakfast menu will determine the success of the diet throughout the day. Protein makes more controlled appetite can be controlled so that the desire to snack.

However, the study also revealed that 60 percent of Americans often forget that. Breakfast is often missed by reason of a hurry, or if it is just a breakfast potluck menu regardless of the protein.

Heather Leidy, the scientist who conducted the study said, obesity now affects 25 million adults in the country. One reason is the lack of protein intake in the breakfast menu, which resulted appetite throughout the day is not controlled.

"Eating breakfast menu that is rich in protein can affect the desire to eat throughout the day, when people began wanting to snack foods high in fat and high in sugar," Leidy said as quoted by the Daily Mail, Monday (04/01/2013).

In the study, Leidy involving 20 young women and adults aged 18-20 years who are all obese. Some of the participants were given a high dietary intake of protein such as eggs and bacon at breakfast, some with standard protein content.

Throughout the day, participants were asked to fill out questionnaires to see how much the desire to snack is felt. In addition, before dinner the participants also underwent brain scans to look at the activity center of appetite regulation.

The results showed, high protein breakfast provides the sensation of fullness for longer and reduce hunger. These changes are also observed from the results of the scan, which showed that activity in the regulation of appetite is reduced thanks to a high protein breakfast.