Anemia is often not recognized

Anemia is a condition of low levels of hemoglobin (HB) in the blood due to lack of iron. Unfortunately, the lack of HB often does not show specific symptoms that many people are not aware of anemia.

HB deficiency conditions associated with decreased ability of the blood to bind oxygen to flow throughout the body. HB levels are normal in women above 12 and men above is 13.5.

Medical specialist in internal medicine faculty of medicine / RSCM Nadia Mulansari Ayu said many patients seeking treatment for other diseases, after being turned out of her very low HB. Although HB is low, they do not complain of any symptoms. "There was even her HB level is below 5," he said in the launch Tanya Anemia Center last week in Jakarta.

Anemia is generally characterized by a sense of weakness, fatigue, dizzy, lethargic and pale. However, even if no symptoms are not impossible to have anemia. "To ensure affected by anemia or not, it is necessary to check the levels of HB," said Nadia.

Unconscious people have anemia may also be caused because there are also health problems whose symptoms are almost the same, ie low blood. In contrast to the levels of HB-deficient anemia, low blood is a state of the heart pumps blood less powerful that the impaired blood flow.

"Low blood is low blood pressure, ie, if blood pressure less than 120/80," said Nadia. Anemia can not be underestimated because these conditions can increase the risk of bleeding during pregnancy and childbirth. In addition, pregnant women who suffer from anemia can also cause growth disorders in infants. Meanwhile anemia in children can interfere with intelligence.